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3 Compartments Assorted Walnuts

9oz of assorted walnut flavors $12.00 ea3oz of honey3oz of cinnamon3oz of savory ..

6 Compartment Assorted Almonds

12 oz of assorted almond Flavors 2 oz of Tamari2 oz of Cowboy BBQ2oz of Honey2oz of Cinnamon2oz of Country Herb & Garlic2oz of Dry Roasted Almonds ..

6 Compartment Assorted Walnuts And Almonds

10oz of Assorted Walnuts and Almonds flavors @ $15.002 oz of dry roasted almonds2 oz of honey almonds2 oz of cinnamon almonds1.5 oz of raw walnuts1.5 oz of honey walnuts1.5 oz of cinnamon walnuts  ..

16 Oz Ball Containers Flavored Almonds

Flavored Almonds 8.0oz..

16 Oz Ball Containers Flavored Walnuts

Flavored Walnuts 6.5oz..

16 Oz Ball Containers Raw Walnuts

Raw Walnuts  6.5oz..

16 Oz Ball Containers Raw/Roasted Almonds

Raw/Roasted Almonds 8.0oz..

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